We’ve identified the targets:
Known as “Cacophony Chorus.”
They distract and terrify us
But they rarely ever bore us.

They use our fears, imagination,
To spin “reality” from lies.
They prefer intimidation,
They can adapt.  They improvise.

They can whisper when they want.
They filter everything through fear.
They are adept at using shame.
They pour insults into our ears.

The objective: Termination
They must be stopped. They ruin lives.
No time for doubt; no hesitation.
Not a single one survives.

Once you acquire your objectives
You must take them by surprise.
We have found it most effective
If you look into their eyes.

They’ll use tactical barrage.
It’s only noise.  They’re shooting blanks.
Once you bypass the cheap mirage.
Bring in the Calvary in tanks.

Obliterate them all with laughter.
Call B.S. to every lie.
Send them into the hereafter.
Then, go have a piece of pie.*


CODE NAMECacophony Chorus

GENUS:  Limiting Belief

SPECIES:  Terrorists

KNOWN WEAKNESSES:  Laughter, calling B.S.

YOUR MISSIONTerminate with Extreme Prejudice.

Limiting Belief 1: Seriously-Bitchy Laugh
Limiting Belief 2: Mocking Disbelief
Limiting Belief 3: Preemptive Advice
Limiting Belief 6: Scoff Sneering (works closely with Mocking Disbelief)
Limiting Belief 8: The Label Maker
Limiting Belief 7: Tactical Shame
Limiting Belief 5: (Ringleader) Worst Fear

Art by Niki Flow

*”Healthy Blueberry Pie” from My Whole Life Foods