The weekend was long but we kept busy. Saturday we took flyers around to police stations in southern NJ, the nursing home where Ben’s friend got two calls from, spoke to the residents, to a diner near my mom’s, to the health-food and herb shop he frequented. I spoke to his friend Tara by way of email asking of we could stop by with flyers, but we never got time. We’ll mail them.Sunday I created a flyer and several letters to go out to all local police stations in southern NJ, Media PA, Durango, CO and anywhere in between he may be. I created also letters for soup kitchens, shelters. hospitals and churches in those areas and spent most of the day addressing envelopes and looking up emails and phone numbers for follow-ups in the coming days if needed. Around 9 o’clock I went into his room — I thought I heard something. It was empty, only it was full of him. I felt sucker-punched. I couldn’t breathe it hurt so much.

Source: Day 5 – Short Version: No News