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sister Kel, Ben, dad Steve, Holgate, Long Beach Island, c.2011


Ben’s friends Emily and Tina called yesterday.  Tina wants to contact a local hiking group which is familiar with the trails in DuPont State Park.  She and Emily and any hikers they find to guide them plan to visit the Park which is near Delaware City some time this week.  Tina’s idea is that hikers familiar to the trails will be able to guide them, and they might be able to find out if there are any traces of Ben in the woods.  Ben knows how to live rough, and he lived in the woods, in campgrounds and out of his truck most of 2015 while he traveled out west.  I have been to DuPont myself a few times, but I am not the hiker I used to be.  They’ll cover a lot of ground.  If Ben is camping there and if (as Ben’s friend Tara told me recently), he truly does have stashes of warm clothing and places to camp out, then perhaps he’s close by.  The only problem I foresee is that if Ben is indeed close, he has had the option to return any time and chose not to.  He may not welcome company. Still, it’s a good idea and just the hope of a glimpse of him will be very welcome.  I’m very grateful to these young women and any hiker friends they gather for their kindness and their love for Ben.  As for me, I have developed a sudden illness which requires several tests and may require surgery rather soon.  I’ have no doubt that I’ll recover quickly.  This illness was probably brought on, at least in part, by the imbalance in my life created by my own worry, a useless emotion.  Still, I relearned the truth that self-care and balance every day is not only necessary, it will eventually become mandatory if it is not attended to.



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