I hope you’re having a beautiful day.


Art by Niki Flow.  Great advice from Wise People.


Dear Ben,


I drew today’s pic on my phone.  It’s amazing what you can do with phones these days.  I used my thumb, so no gripping was needed, so no hurting knuckles..  Fun!  I’m excited to see what else I can draw with my thumb.  You might say I now possess *cough* thumb drive.


Today’s quote is from Passage Meditation by Eknath Easwaran.  People usually have one of three reasons to learn to meditate, Easwaran writes.  First, they have a problem — a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem.  “Here,” he writes, “meditation can help directly…”  Another reason is one  he often hears from artists and scientists who want to unlock deeper capacities within themselves for creativity or creative leaps in reasoning.  The third reason, he writes, he loves the most — when students come to him and say, “We want to realize God.”


No matter what reason you have for approaching meditation, I believe any attempt at honing this skill is worth even a tiny amount of time a day.  I found a beautiful site for this if you like music while meditating or nature sounds called Calm.com.  When I watch the screen and listen to the sounds or music on Calm.com, it feels like a warm bath for my brain.


I’ve started adding subtitles to these letters so you can glance through and quickly see what the paragraph is about and know if you’d want to read it.  I know we have to carefully choose what we read since we’re required to read so much every day.   These letters are as much for me as for you.  They are a way to feel connected to all of you, but no response is ever expected.  I also have no expectations about whether you choose to read all or none of these letters each day.  These letters will be here when and if you ever need them.   Your choice.

With love, always, Mom