Day 2 of '300,000+ Days of Gratitude (viii) - Inclusion.  "Learn a Greeting in a Different Language."  21-Day Challenge,

Dia duit” is hello in Irish.  It literally means, “God to you.”  The correct response is, “Dia’s Muire duit.” Literal translation:  “God and Mary to you.”

I’ve been trying to learn Irish because I love to listen to people speaking and singing it.  So far it’s been bruising my brain.  It’s the hardest language I’ve ever studied. I’m using Duolingo — rather, I’m deleting my Duolingo reminders (for now).

Check out this beautiful version of Adele’s “Hello” in Irish

Gratitude Journal:  Day 2 – Orange

“Orange has a wavelength between about 585 and 620 nm.” (nm = nanometer) “The nanometre is often used to express dimensions on an atomic scale.”

I went looking for different ways to describe the colors of orange. I found a really interesting list on Wikipedia listing 35 or so colors.  Using the computer code colors I made the chart below.  These are in order left to right, row by row.

orangesColor wheel orange ff7f00

Web color orange ffa500

Dark orange (web) ff8c00

Aerospace orange (used for Space Shuttle Pressure suits) ff4f00

Safety orange (aka blaze orange) ff7900

Pantone Orange ff5800

Crayola Orange ff7538

Mashed papaya orange ffefd5

Peach orange ffe5b4

Light orange fed8b1

Apricot fbceb1

Melon fdbcb4

Atomic Orange (introduced by Crayola 1990) ff9966


Tea Rose orange f88379 probably my favorite

Carrot orange ed9121

Orange peel orange ff9f00

Princeton Orange ee7f2d

Need some summer reading recommendations? Check out Princeton University professor's summer reading list.

UT Orange (University of Tennessee) ff8200

Spanish Orange “anaranjado” by Gellego / Sanz e86100

Tangerine f28500

Pumpkin ff7518

San Francisco Giants Orange fe5a1d

Vermilion (cinnabar) e34234

Tomato orange ff6347
“the color of actual supermarket tomatoes. Many vine-ripened tomatoes are a bit redder. The color of tomato soup is slightly less saturated”

Syracuse University Orange d44500

Bittersweet orange (1892) aka “RoseArt Sweet Bitter” and Crayola “Bittersweet orange” (c.1958)

Persimmon ec5800

Butterscotch e09540

Persian Orange (Persian carpets/pottery) d99058

Alloy orange aka Metallic FX (Crayola 2001) c46210
“Although this is supposed to be a metallic color, there is no mechanism for displaying metallic colors on a computer”

Burnt orange bf5700 (1915) aka University of Texas at Austin, Auburn University, and Virginia Tech orange (one of my daughter’s alma mater colors; the other has the cool name, “Chicago maroon”).va tech

Bittersweet shimmer bf4f51 – another one of the Metallic FX Crayola

Brown 964b00 aka dark orange or (painter’s terms) deep shade of orange. The first recorded use of brown as a color name in English was in about 1000 AD in the “Metres of Boethius.”  Shades of orange

My favorite colors:  chocolate and khaki.   Shades of brown.

Princeton Tigers

Speaking of Princeton
Princeton is a university in my home state, NJ and isn’t far from where I grew up. Both my oldest kids’ great grandfather (Duke) and their grandfather (Frank) went to Princeton. I still have one of Duke’s Princeton University ashtrays. His beautiful, brilliant and hilarious wife Duch used to smoke back in her flapper days.  Duke taught me how to sail on a Flying Dutchman.  Duch’s humor is the kind that sneaks up on you. She once had me laughing so hard at dinner, I nearly passed out.  I was 9-months pregnant at the time, so that might have also something to do with it. I think, of all my ex’s family, I miss her the most.  I think of her often and wish I could talk to her now.   I wish I could go sailing again too.  The last time I sailed on a Dutchman was on Some’s Sound in 1980 (one of the only fjords in North America).  We saw an osprey nest that day.  Such a beautiful memory.

]flying dutchman

Orange always makes me think of my son, Ben since it's his favorite color.  But then everything makes me think of my son Ben since he disappeared.  Ben was named for Duke's father, Benjamin Franklin Archer, as well as for all the male's in his line since Duke.  Each has the middle name "Morse" in honor of Samuel Morse.

Children Creating Peace

Saved the best for last.  A group member shared this beautiful video today to celebrate inclusion, and peace.  It really filled my heart with joy and hope.