January 1-6.  Week 1 is here.
January 7-13. Week 2 is here.

Don’t stop believing. -Journey

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“Be Your Own (Super)hero” – Photos (inset):  Goofball Tizzy and Iron Rowdy

Week 3 Goals*:  

  1.  Go outside and walk every day.  Try to get at least a few more steps each day.  
  2. (Since I didn’t meet my goals last week, I’m repeating it with some modifications.)  Get up every hour.  Get up 6-16 times a day to clean, walk, exercise, run errands and so on.  Stay up until you can’t, but don’t push past pain-level 8 out of 10.
I forgot to add my Week 3 Goals to Week 2's update, so I added those today.

What Really Happened: 

Week 1-3 – Walk outside every day.

Week 3 (is 6 days this week since I’m never done Sunday when I post.  Next week will be Sunday to Saturday).  Walked outside only twice; once alone and once with my youngest son, Joe.  The snow from last Sunday melted enough that Joe and I could walk on Monday night but my guys weren’t able to help for the rest of the week.  My husband injured his foot poor guy and has been hobbling all week. So the once walking alone, with the ice, unsteady pins and a bamboo walking stick, was enough.  I did 10+ minutes on the bike on the days I didn’t walk, instead, an approximate equivalent in effort to the walk.

Week 2-3: Getting Up /Increasing Time Up

Week 3 (Getting Up) I got up at least six times every day, usually more.  On the days when I got up every time the timer went off every hour (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), I counted those as special. I pushed hard those days.

Week 3 (Increasing Strength, Decreasing Pain) Pain levels are high every day, even when not standing, but the Prednisone for inflammation has helped. It’s also created a couple of of not-so-fun side-effects.  Done today, and it worked great.  The inflammation is down enough that I get to start physical therapy.

I didn’t have a new Week 3 goal since I didn’t hit my goal last week.


Wonderful Week

The Turbo Snails

rx4h 25july2014b


The Turbo Snails are going strong! ♥Ivor has really inspired me by his dedication to his health.  He’s been increasing steps, doing physio exercises twice a day and still managing all the gardening and cooking.  I’ve really enjoyed our daily check-ins.  Ivor has the most beautiful flowers! It’s so fun to check in daily and see the temps on the other side of the world. It’s winter here, so it’s like a little mini vacation.  I’ll have to step up my garden and walking game for the summer in order to repay him for his beautiful flower and seashore photos.  Here’s one of Ivor’s blogs from last year about his lily from. He shared recent photos, and he’s still growing beautifully:  Day Lily In Love.  Maybe Ivor will share some of his photos in the comments.

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One Mom to Another Kindness

Originally posted on January 17, 2019 on KindSpring.org

On Monday ♥Michele Vecchitto over at Go Dog Go Café invited all writers on Monday to share a link to a page on our blogs. This is cool and she does this every Monday. My poet friend in Australia, Ivor, told me about it.  I started following Ivor last year. A few months ago he had a stroke and has been writing about it. He’s a widower and alone, so I wanted to stay in touch. I started a Whatsapp group with (so far) two friends:  Ivor, Manuel and me. (And I only know about Whatsapp because of Horse_Friend — thank you!) Ivor, Manuel and I are all recovering after strokes and/or injury and other illnesses. So we are the “Turbo Snails” and anyone needing a slow walking/recovery buddy is welcome. Our motto is “Simplicity + Consistency > Intensity” (Sean Anderson).  We stay in touch every day and it’s been great.

So in response the Michele’s Monday invitation, I shared the link to “Missing Benjamin” with a few words about it.  

Ben cropped

Today Michele reblogged ♥Ben’s under1000skies page and video on her blog of a bazillion followers:  Writings and Reflections;

and put it on her Facebook page:  Michele Vecchitto:  Writings and Reflections.

Ivor and I both thanked her.  She wrote:

“I’m trying to help in any little way I can, one mom to another.”

I’m just so grateful and had to share her kindness.


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I am ♥cooking again.  I still need Joe’s help, but it feels so good to be strong enough again to cook supper.  This is huge for me. It feels like another window in my life just opened to let in so much sunshine.  This week ham steaks were on sale, so tonight I made an old recipe I used to cook when my kids are little (ham, yam, apple skillet).  My guys still eat meat, and they really enjoyed it.  I do believe it’s true that love is the best ingredient.

rx4h 2july2014b

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More lessons/wins:

rx4h 7april2015b smMorning pages, a new “when I want to” morning routine which may become a goal one week this week. (I♥JuliaCameron)

A beautiful MindValley gift, a free class to watch ♥Christie Marie Sheldon.  I took massive amounts of notes.  She helps people get over blocks to prosperity especially blocks about money.  I learned quite a lot.

Daily check-in’s on Whatsapp with my friend ♥Manuel.  Just seeing his smiley-face icon, as bright as a buttercup in the chat window, makes me happy.  But I especially love when he has time to chat.  He is a wise, old soul and one of my heroes.  (See Her Angel).

Check-in’s with my sisters ♥Flo and ♥Patti, my mom ♥Connie, my daughter ♥Kel, granddaughters ♥Evie and ♥Millie, and my friend ♥Deb, ♥Liz and ♥Bea this week.  They are so beautiful, and I love them all so much.  I wish we all lived next-door like in those romantic movies with huge families that have Sunday dinner with each other every week.  So grateful for the internet.

RX4H NOV 20 2 OF 2

Our Kindness group on Whatsapp and my friend ♥Horse_Friend.  We have so many things in common and it’s always fun to talk to her and hear her ideas. She’s so creative.

Letters to two new friends.  We share grief, sorrow, pain and hope.  They are creatives who write openly about their struggles and inspire me so much when they do. I’m so grateful to have these two new friends, ♥LNG (Late Night Girl – How I Survived Pret) and ♥Richard (Photo Sociology).

Daily funny conversations with my ♥husband and son ♥Joe.  I’m so grateful to have these two strong and loving men in my life, and I know it every day.  I hope I bring as much joy to their lives as they do to mine.  One of the reasons I want to get stronger is to make their lives better and better.

Speaking of that, I’m slowly but surely using the Kondo method in our house and watching through the episodes.  It’s a joy to see things coming together.  ♥Marie Kondo’s show is on Netflix.  Unfortunately, Netflix is not only raising their prices, they are making it so that my mom and in-law’s can’t use our service.  We pay extra so that they can.  So we’ll be done with Netflix soon.  I don’t know if they are being throttled by the mega IPs (Comcast and Verizon).

^ Without Net Neutrality, this is a real possibility.

Whatever the reason, please give a think about how important Net Neutrality is and write to your law makers.  It’s so important.

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality


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The Eowyn Challenge

Weeks 1-2: 

12.5 miles (bike and total steps)

Week 3:

Monday to Saturday

  • Steps:  c.6,970 = 3.3 miles
  • Bike:  65 minutes = 5.525 miles
  • Total Week 3 Miles:  8.825
  • Total Weeks 1-3 Miles:  12.5 + 8.825 = 21.3

On Monday I lost my Fitbit somewhere in my house.  On Monday it reads 53 steps and then nothing since.  So I know it was Monday and I have looked almost everywhere (except, obviously, where it actually is).  So, my average daily steps were 1,495 last week.   I’m only counting six days this week which brings it to 8,970.  But, I only walked outside twice so, for four of those days, I’m taking off about 500 steps for each of those four days; so, 6,970 steps for last week.

dassa and solomon
Dassa Fleam of Buckland and her trusty steed, Solomon (stationary bike) – Middle Earth

Week 4 Goals:  

  1. (Met my goals last week. Continuing this week; adding one minute more on the bike for approximate equivalent to walking.) Go outside and walk every day.  Try to get at least a few more steps each day. If not, do at least 11 minutes on the bike.
  2.  (Met my goals last week; continuing with modifications.  “Some days are diamonds, some days are coal,” as Janis sang so well.  So on the diamond days, I’ll push. On the others, I’ll be gentle and patient with myself. ) Get up every hour.  Get up 6-16 times a day to clean, walk, exercise, run errands and so on.  Stay up until you can’t, but don’t push past pain-level 8 out of 10.
  3. One green juice and/or salad per day.  new goal 



Rx-for-Healing Feb 19th PM
“And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.”  George Carlin.  Tonight is the Full Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse (thanks Liz) so definitely one of those nights!


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See you next Sunday.  I hope we have a beautiful week.