“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”  -Dr. Seuss

The Day

Create a co-worker, fellow student, teacher, family or friend holiday.  To begin (if you want to do this for every person in your office, for example), pass around a piece of paper with questions, and ask everyone to fill in the answers.   You can say that it’s a fun way to get to know your co-workers; or that you’re planning a surprise event or meeting; or, perhaps, that your kid (friend, sister, neighbor) needs to collect (anonymous) data about a group of people of many age ranges for a social studies project.

Your questions could be about favorite food, favorite music, favorite color, three favorite books, three favorite movies, and so on. You could even ask, “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?” This is a question I love to ask my kids and at family gatherings. I get odd looks, but sometimes it has started really fascinating conversations.

Super Power

Next, design a day centered around each person, perhaps once a month.  Everyone is spoiled on their birthday, so this would be some other random day.  Surprise them with a luncheon with their favorite meals, playing favorite tunes.  Decorate the room with characters from their favorite movie.  You could even ask an artist or graphic artist to make take a photo of them and make them into a superhero.


Day 2 of 365:  The Day

Super Dot Love Period Forgive Period.jpg

I chose myself for this day. I need it. I woke up from a dream this morning about Ben. It was the kind of dream that is so real and vivid that it takes your mind a while to adjust to the new “reality.” In the dream, Ben was home, calling from across town. He would be over soon. The joy that filled me is impossible to describe. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone he was home and safe and their prayers and good thoughts had worked. I told him about this challenge and about Buttons for Benjamin. “Mom!” he said. He started laughing. “Buttons for Benjamin, really? Aw.” I couldn’t wait to hug him. Just hearing his voice on the phone was such a balm. Then I woke up. It took a while to realize it wasn’t a dream. I immediately went back to sleep, trying to get back to the dream, but he never showed up again. I woke late and immediately started crying. My throat feels like a giant fist is squeezing it.

This story is not unique except that it’s mine. Others who have lost loved ones have no doubt felt their dear presence in dreams, so real, only to lose them again upon waking. Ben was so close and so real, and I felt so much love from him. So though the tears flow, still, as I tell you about this, I feel grateful that I got to see and hear him, even though it was only a dream. So today is about me. I asked myself the question I love to ask friends and family: If you had any superpower, what would it be? I believe I already have two, and I would want those to be stronger; To love in every circumstance. To forgive everything and everyone, including myself.

Don’t forget, if you hate my idea, you are most welcome to completely ignore it and come up with your own. I went through a lot of research getting ready for this challenge looking for ideas. I found hundreds, but these 21 are the ones that appealed to me the most. Some ideas, like Day 1, I made up myself.  I love hearing new ideas.  In fact, if you do have other ideas, I appreciate it when you share them very much. It will help me in the year to come since I’ll need a total of 365.  Absolutely everything is optional in this challenge. I’m just glad you’re with me on the first part of this journey.

♥. Super Dot

Today is Day 2 of  "Buttons for Benjamin" - 365 SAoK (Small Acts of Kindness) to help get the word out about my missing son Benjamin.  It's also to help me find a proactive way to stay positive as the third anniversary of Ben's disappearance (March 2nd) approaches.  This (above) is the Day-2 blurb I wrote for the KindSpring challenge "Ben Archer's 35th Birthday Year of Kindness."  This is also my SAoK for the day below that.  The challenge is 21 days long, so for the next three weeks, I'll share the blurb and corresponding SAoK.  Beginning on February 28th and every Tuesday after that, I'll post the week's SAoK's on under1000skies in a post called "Full of Grace."