“Puns are the highest form of literature.” -Alfred Hitchcock

Buttons for Benjamin is continuing from 2019 to February 20, 2020.  I'm offering about 25 services in exchange for 1. nothing (free); or, 2. pay-it-forward; or, 3. share Ben's info with your network.  You can find more information here:  365 Acts of Kindness

Day 20: The Text:

This one is easy, but it still means a lot to people.  Send a text to someone you love, or someone who might be going through something rough.

My baby sis did this for me in the first year my son disappeared.  Every single day I got a text from her.   Most days I couldn’t even respond and barely noticed any texts or email. Those days were a blur of pain and confusion. I hadn’t learned how to choose joy in every moment, and how doing that will always put the pain far enough into the background so that I can breathe.  The grief and fear were so often like a scream in my head, and these little texts reminded me that I was loved, that she cared.  It meant everything to me.    I started doing this for my sisters, and family sometimes.

So, for example, my daughter loves puns. Yesterday I sent her three puns I found by text.  I have a friend who loves music, so I often send him links to videos of new musicians I found. He sends these to me too.

Please feel free to do your own SAoK (Small Act of Kindness) instead. You are welcome to share it if you like.

wild woman sisterhood

Day 20 of 365:  The Text

I sent a text to my sister thanking her for her consistent love and support during one of the worst times of my life.


Today is Day 20 a 21-Day Challenge on KindSpring.org called "Buttons for Benjamin" - 365 SAoK (Small Acts of Kindness) to help get the word out about my missing son Benjamin.  I began on Ben's 35th birthday, February 21st.  It began as a way to stay positive and proactive as the third anniversary of Ben's disappearance approached (March 2nd).  This (above) is the Day-20 blurb I wrote for the KindSpring challenge "Ben Archer's 35th Birthday Year of Kindness."  This is also my SAoK for the day below that.  The challenge is 21 days long, so for the next three weeks, I'll share the blurb and corresponding SAoK.  Beginning on February 26th and every Tuesday after that, I'll post the week's SAoK's on under1000skies in a post called "Full of Grace."