Since I wrote this song in 2015, I have posted it every year. My son promised to write the music for it. He began to write it the day I shared it, the summer before he disappeared, and it was beautiful. When he comes home, I promise to share it. I hope it will be next year.  May it be.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter for all those who celebrate. Happy Passover too, and Blessed Ostara. Wishing you and yours a beautiful time of renewal, no matter what you believe.

♥. nf

Niki Flow

empty tomb

Every day I cared for him
I took the herbs prepared for him
I washed the face that loved to smile.
I washed the feet that walked for miles.

I gazed upon his handsome face,
All laughter gone, his smile erased,
His eyes, once shining closed in death,
His body still, no single breath.

My lord is gone.
With him my song.
My tears run down
Upon the ground
I am alone.

One day I came, and nearly swooned.
The stone was gone, an open tomb.
His body on the ground no more,
His wrappings cast upon the floor.

A shadow blocked the sun behind
I turned around and gasped to find
A stranger there, in front of me,
Standing and watching silently.

“Woman,” he asked, “why are you weeping?
He smiled at me.  “Whom are you seeking?”
“Sir if you took my lord away,
“Tell me where he is…

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